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PT. ANEKA TUNA INDONESIA was established in October 1991, as a joint venture company between Itochu Corporation, Hagoromo Foods Corporation – a leading tuna brand owner in Japan, and one other foreign firm.

Located in mountains area with exotic panorama in East Java Province of Indonesia, we began commercial operations in November 1992, specializing in production and sale of canned tuna.

Itochu does the overall sales and management, while Hagoromo Foods is in charge of production. All of the partners are actively involved in improving product quality including dispatching technicians from Japan and sending local technicians to Japan for training.
Our canned tuna is a popular ingredients enjoyed at tables around the world and sold in Japan, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Canada, Africa and also in Indonesia as domestic sale.
Procurement of tuna raw material also extends around the world, from the waters surrounding Indonesia to the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. By utilizing the superior technology provided by its partners, PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia turns high quality, carefully selected raw material into products that set it apart from competing companies.
In supermarkets and other outlets throughout Indonesia, whenever you find
"SunBell" you know it has been manufactured by PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia, the name that signifies excellence.

As we keep spreading our sales and market region as well, we built our 2nd factory not far from our current site.


Our Process

To keep the raw material/tuna in good condition, cold stronges with – 20oC for total capacity of 3,200 MT are in place.

Frozen Fish Receiving / Fresh Fish Receiving

Fish is unloaded from vessel, truck & container. Fish is sorted by specie and size, and then put into cleaned fish box. (washing fish box after using). Fish boxes are weighed and tagged containing information of kind of fish, date of receiving, carrier vessel hatch no , and weigh. Record carrier vessel, hatch no, unloading time, truck /container condition and fish temperature


Fish is sorted by species and size quickly and carefully then put them into fish boxes. ?Take samples? label fish box as follow: size, species, hatch, fishing boat, arrival date.

Cold Storage

Stock of fish is kept at cold storage for future production. Applying First in First out system and keep temperature as low as -18OC to prevent quality deterioration.


Fish is thawed by flowing water?in thawing bin.


Fish is cut at belly part to remove gut.


Butchered fish is then cooked in big cooker (retort) with temperature 95-103oC and cooking time 50- 150 minutes depend on fish size.

Fish Cooling

To prevent precooks scorching, cooked fish coming out from cooker are sprayed with potable water.

Loin Cleaning

After fish cooled enough to handle, fish is trimmed manually. This process will remove head, skin, scales, bones, and small bones. As well as separate white meat and red (brown) meat.

Metal Detecting

Loin /flakes are pass through Metal Detector prior to be filled into can. Set sensitivity of metal detector ( Fe Ø 0.8mm/ Ø 1.2mm Sus Ø 3.0mm / 4.8 mm).

Meat Filling

Cleaned loin/flakes are packed into can with Tuna Packer or flake filler.
Depending on the order, there are 3 kind of style of filling: solid style, chunk style, and flakes style.
Filled can coming out from tuna packer / flake filler machine are then go through weigh checking machine.

Medium Filling

Depending on kind of products, medium/ seasoning (mostly liquid) is put into cans.
Seasoning can be oil, brine, or oil and brine and vegetable broth.


Seaming is the process to close can hermetically. The process is very important to ensure product kept can integrity for long time. A seaming machine has to be adjusted to high precision to ensure can integrity during following process and storage and delivery.


After cans closed, products are sterilized to kill all bacteria that may harmful during storage.
This process kill practically all pathogenic and spoil-caused bacteria.
Products are safe to be kept at ambient temperature (20-25 ℃  for 3 to 5 years prior to consume.

Incubation (Storing in Ware House)

Incubation in warehouse is step to ensure that all product has been process correctly. If there is any products not process correctly/ underprocessed, product will spoil and swollen.

Labeling and Packaging

For non printed can, we put paper label to each can according to customer demand.


Load products into container.

Our Motto


Our Market

Through the worldwide network of ITOCHU, the products are sold to quality conscious customers. Our customers are mostly in Japan, Middle East Countries, also in Europe, Australia, Canada and Africa.

PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia started to sell to Indonesian market (domestic market) in year 2003 under SunBell brand.

Items for Indonesian market :
Tuna Chunk in Oil (185g) & 1800g)
Tuna Chili 185g
Tuna Nasi Goreng 185g
Tuna Sambal Goreng 185g
Tuna Rica – rica 185g
Tuna Opor 185g
Tuna Rendang 185g
Tuna Rawon 185g
Premium items 80g (Maguro & Katsuo)

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